Im sick to death of this shit!

Okay, I am sick to fucking death of people with double standards. What does freedom of speech mean? You can say what the fuck you want right? Is that not the American way? As long as it stays as an opinion and not result in any violent actions.... I say its fair game. That goes for white and black people.

Some NBA star said, "fuck the national anthem because its bullshit because this is not the land of the free." Or something like that....Well let him say what the fuck he wants. Its his right. Somebody was bitching about this and said, "well take your black ass out of the US". And when a white person says, "I hate nigs".... let them say it, "then take your white ass out of the US."  The fact of the matter is that no one gives a damn what anyone thinks!

Thats why I love this website because you dont see anyone calling Fox News or the NAACP over a pointless argument or a racial comment here or there. Its all about freedom of speach. Say what the fuck you want, then you log off and go back to your lives as usual. Im not saying racism is okay but as long as you arent hurting anyone physically. If America in general would stop giving so much attention to shit that doesnt matter then we would be on a whole nother level. Ever heard of the saying, "sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you?" If we would just grow the fuck up, we would have figured out how to keep people( the hard working peopel) in there homes, keep money in everyones pocket,and have good health care. We would not have to take good programs such as music out of our childrens school systems, and hell everyone would have a damn job with benifits!





Uploaded 10/23/2009
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