Im so bored Im blogging about nothing

Yo... im just bullshitting at home, NOTHING TO FUCKING DO. my car is broke down, for some reason im pretty much always broke now... What the hell has happened? Within the past month, Ive got into a HUGE fight with 3 people, I got stomped, Im recovered now. Next, I almost died on my jetski when a storm hit and I flew off my jetski, the coast guards had to save me. Within the past month, Ive got back together with my girlfriend, then left her like a week later. This psycho bitch wanted to start drinking, EVERYDAY, and I refuse to have a trashy girl. I did love this girl, Ive been with her on and off for about 2 years... she is very attractive, in fact I SWEAR ive seen her in the "real girls" section TWICE!! well, anyways, we got into an argument last saturday and we were at her place. She lives almost TWENTY MILES away from my house. My car is fucked up at the moment, dont really know why so she was driving. This bitch ended up telling me to get the fuck out at 4AM early sunday morning. I called almost everyone I knew and NO ONE answered the phone. For some strange reason the fucking bus wasnt in service and I had to walk, THE ENTIRE WAY HOME. It took roughly 5 hours, and I wasnt able to barely walk out of bed for 3 days... not only that, but when I was arguing with her before she told me to leave, I got pissed from the bullshit that seemed to just grow in her mouth, and I was about to hit her, but instead I hit the wall right next to her since I didnt want to be arrested.

Within the past month, Ive been beaten down phsyically, mentally, and worst of all, mother nature even got to shove her foot up my ass. 2008 sucks. well, im done, im so bored and tired of watching TV so i felt like writing, now Im off to smoke a fat joint. I dont know what I would do without weed.....

Uploaded 08/11/2008
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