I'm so happy I didn't take a plane

It's time to dump some tea. He was busily dreamingUp new ways of schemingTo make U. For instance, I'm not suggesting that breathalyzers be enhanced to test for freshly applied eye shadow and just ingested Big Macs. For a sec he was brave,But he speedily caved,Having drunk Cheney's Kool-Aid laced nectar. They're the evil axis. La radio est dangereuse, n'est-ce pas ? In fact, I cited Americablog as one of my favorites when I was interviewed by Bloggasm. " I agree with Buzzflash, as you can see from my Net Neutrality Ad Madness limerick: Net Neutrality Ad Madness By Madeleine Begun KaneI've no problem with blogs hosting ads. His video filesOf Jon Stewart are wild,And with laughter my mood he transforms. What a pain in the tush! I'll take Reid any day. Some Notable Posts:Skippy interviews Prof. Here's the personal limerick I've written in his honor:Ode to Norm Jenson of OneGoodMove By Madeleine Begun KaneThe OneGoodMove blogger named NormReligiously posts and informs. Nearly was "Her Honor. Tabloid Times By Madeleine Begun KaneAre Bill and Hill still having sex? My media humor is here, and my Ann Coulter humor is here. I'm late on this, but I just can't resist writing a Bush dynasty limerick:Jeb For Prez? Warn me when I'm near anybody who'd use a gizmo like that, so I can get the heck out of his way. But a GOP whore,Who's still wrong on the war,Has to forfeit his Senator title. It's time to oust the GOP,And shove them out the door. Carnival of the Vanities. Your acts betrayed Dem values we hold dear. Dems eat brie,Drink chablis. And that people are so busy, they're forced to eat, apply make-up, shave, read, return phone calls, and relieve themselves on the run. Catching a big fish, he says. Exploiting Nine-One-One. But helping their cause is quite mad. I know that we all lead pressured lives. My previous Dick Cheney humor is collected here. No doubt it's some sort of blogger malfunction. Carnival of SatireCarnival of the LiberalsTour de America: A Tribute to Patriot Floyd LandisHoward Mortman is helping a great non-partisan charity called ThanksUSA. My media humor is here, my homeland security satire is here, and my privacy humor is here. Suffer from nightmares featuring you, your microphone, and three angry apes. My previous Ann Coulter verse is here, here, and here. A third Prez named Bush? I'm referring to Specter's obnoxious description of Senator Harry Reid as "not a deep thinker, to put it gently.
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