Impfal50ce's riddle 1: The gunman and the Gay.

Two men are facing eachother - a gunman and a standing man.The gunman is holding a rifle.The rifle is perfectly functional, and can fire live ammunition.There is a single, deadly bullet in the chamber of that rifle.The weapon's safety is on off.The gunman is aiming perfectly at the center of the forehead of the standing man.The gunman's aim is unaltered during the entire duration of this scenario.The standing man does not move. Between the two, there are no obstacles, only regular, breathable air. No other factor enters play in this scenario. The two men do not do anything else, except perform the tasks described up until now. There is no wind. The gunman fires the rifle. The standing man, unhurt, smiles like a homo. Why didn't he die?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * shift eight, space. shift eight, space, etc.
Discuss in the comments section below. Naturally, feel free to mock, ridicule and attack one another. If I get positive feedback, I will post the answer in my next blog, with a fresh new riddle that I come up with while daydreaming. Penis. Thanks for playing. Don't PM me asking for the answer.
Uploaded 09/07/2013
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