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"It all happened one day when I was hiking up the alps, because I do that on occasion, when I stepped on a rock that didn't feel like a rock.

I felt the surface and it seemed to be pure metal. But in all appearance looked like a big stone. I checked my compass and sure enough it pointed right at the metal object. I looked a little closer and noticed hinges on the thing. Now I was just flabergasted. That's a real god damn word look it up. flabergasted.

So my next reaction was to look around the area, I noticed tire tracks large lugged like a four wheeler would have. Not an odd thing to see in the wilderness. I used my ant-like strength to lift the rock but it was so easy a child could do it. It lifted right up becuase it was supported by hydraulics. That wasnt even the strangest part.

I look down and theres a shaft that runs down the mountain with ladder rungs all the way down the inside. At first I would have thought it was an old mine shaft, but the technology was too great. The whole tunnel was lit dimmly by a strange glowing rock.

Now I'm a pretty daring guy. Once when I was about 3-4 I crawled up onto a patio railing 10 stories high in our apartment. No fear. I set down all my hiking gear aside from a flash light, rope, knife and a few other provisions. I slowly start to climb down the ladder rungs.

As I started to get towards the bottom I hear beeping and what sounded like printers and computers working. the room below was lit very well and I could hear people talking and working. As soon as my foot hit the bottom rung red lights start flashing people yelling and I decided to split. I tried to go back up the ladder but slipped and fell into the room..."

This is the story of my friend who was shot and killed in the alps because Obama had a super secret base under ground.


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