Impossible Quiz

I came across an idea today to see just how smart the users of EBW really are.  This isn't like the traditional Impossible quiz with random answers or wild guesses. This quiz will instead ask some questions that with require you to use your BRAAAIIIINNNN!!!

1. You divide 30 by half and then add 10.  What is your answer?

2.  How many 3-cent stamps are in a dozen?

3.  You're 3rd place in a race and manage to pass the person in 2nd place.  What place are you in?

4.  You're a farmer with 25 sheep.  A flash flood ravages your livestock and all but 9 die.  How many sheep do you have left?

5.  You live in a 4-walled House, each wall having a northern exposure.  A bear comes up to your house.  What color is the bear?

6.  A circle has 360 degrees in it.  The same can be said about a square.  How many degrees does a Triangle have?

7.  There are seven Granny Smith apples on a table.  You get hungry and take 3.  How many do you have?

8.  You come to a fork in the road with two people, one blocking your path from each road.  You were told in the town back about this dilemma, but all the guy told you was that one road will lead to where you're going while one leads in the complete opposite direction, and that one person would tell the truth to any question you ask while the other one will lie.  (Note:  You are only allowed to ask a question that a complete stranger would know.  So no personal questions like "What's my mother's middle name?")

9.  A mute man walks into a generic corner store wanting to buy a toothbrush.  By imitating the motion of brushing his teeth, he is able to get the point across to the cashier who then makes the transaction.  A blind man then walks in hoping to buy a pair of sunglasses.  How does the man get the point across to the cashier that he wanted to buy a pair of sunglasses?

10.  The eye makes it possible to see when light enters through the iris, through the cornea, and then hits the wall of the retina where it triggers light sensors called rods and cones.  When this process cannot occur, you become blind and cannot see anything relating to the outside world.  Yet when you dream, you can see things as though your blindness doesn't exist.  Why is this?

You can send me the answers via private message, or you can post them here and risk looking either stupid or a like a total douchbag.


Uploaded 10/21/2008
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