Imposter AXP090909 opened an account today 9.9.09

I just wanted to let the EBW community know that there is yet another clown pretending to be me.

When I was still active there was an "axp0909o9" the last "o" is the letter, not the number. And now that I've thought about coming back, there is another one attempting to use my original username, "axp090909" with the correct spelling.

The reason I haven't come back as axp090909 after my account was deleted by ellimem was due to me quitting ebw and only caring about my prizes which were left pending. Feel free to message any top user for more information and they can attest to who is the real one.

I will try and work with the moderators to have that user deleted so that I may reclaim my account. Also, I have never used yahoo. Another indication of this imposter being an idiot is him probably believing that the staff don't have records and w9 tax forms with my information on them on file from when I claimed all the prizes which I've listed on my profile.

You can still search axp090909 and see some photoshops from last year of other top users poking fun at me in the contests, so you see what I look like, and I can also upload new pictures, or uncropped originals to prove who I am.

So yeah, I am used to little tools attempting to impersonate success they can't make on their own, and I hope that the staff, with their current tax information on file for me, along with IP addresses and real name I registered under (which all mods/admins see) will see through this pathetic farce.

Uploaded 09/09/2009
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