Yesterday, I wrote a blog about how I hated celebrities as a whole.  Well, today, I have to say that one has been brought over to my good side.  Keira Knightly.  I just watched a news clip about how she wasn't allowing the studio to air brush her pictures for her new movie to give her more cleavage.

I must give her a round of applause.  As most young people use celebrities as role models (sadly), this is such a good step for her.  It's so nice to hear an actress who's proud of her body, even if she's only an A cup.  I like hearing that someone is taking a stand to say that she doesn't need enhancement because she's perfect how she is.  I LOVE that!  As a smaller busted woman myself (I was an A cup until I had my daughter, now I'm a barely B), I hate hearing other women talk about how they want to get breast augmentation to enlarge their bust to make themselves more attractive.  I hate how society has made one of the standards of beauty be C or D cups at the least.  I actually feel sorry for any woman that has boobs bigger than mine.  Breasts can be painful, they can get in the way, they swell, they droop with age (or if you've just go big tits, they can be sagging by the time you're 30). 

So, I tip my hat to Ms. Knightly.  I am impressed.

Uploaded 07/29/2008
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