In My Opinion...Everyone has them

Love is a trap set by the cosmos to distract Humans from their goals and lull them into settling for just blending in with society.

The last time that the Human Race was actually free was when society had not yet been invented.

Pirates were awesome.

The three most recognizable guitar chords in rock music are from Metallica's "One".

Religion has devolved from people with faith and hope in a deity to people who fanatically enforce irrational ideals through judgment and hatred, despite what their deity may think of their actions.

The Animal Kingdom routinely laughs at our arrogance.

Congressmen and women should have to come home each year and stand on the steps of their respecitve capitols and be slapped in the face once for every decision they made that did nothing for the country, but only furthered a political agenda.

It would be funny to strand a vegetarian in the untamed territory of Alaska and laugh at them as they had to eat meat to survive.

Although technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, mentally, Humans are no more advanced than when they discovered fire.

Half the people that insist on blurting out "this is my song!" every time a certain song is played on the radio have no idea what the words to the song actually are.

I don't think people should lie.  The truth is far more painful. 

I don't believe that anything good in life is gained without a measure of pain.

I believe that no matter what, everything ends in tragedy.

I think that Atari is still the best game system ever made.

Tetris sucks.

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