In My Opinion Week 2 "Political Parties"


Republicans : 

Now where do I start with those cock suckers? Let's start with Sarah Palin shall we?

Now Sarah Palin is about as smart as a child born in the villages of forgotten China. In other words she's dumb as shit. The funny thing is she is the 'leader' of that stupid ass party. Not only does she not know the constitution nor our allies, but she's loves war. How can this bitch be commander and chief if she can't find the country she wants to invade?

Now as the republicans as a whole. They have one of the best fucking canidiates the US has ever seen in the past 60 fucking yrs, his name is Ron Paul. Those fuckers spend 1hr of debating time trying to rip him a new ass hole. They're also ran by a minority group within the republican party here is a picture of them. misspelled-tea-party-sign.jpg. Got-damn them mother fuckers can't spell for shit. Can you believe congress was going to shut down America to appease these uneducated, inbred, nut jobs? Republicans were good during the Reagan administration. After that it fell to shit. I'm not comfortable with these idiots in our government.

Oh, and one last thing, Republicans bible is Fox News. Let's look over Fox News for a second. "The democrats are the reason Wall Street was bailed out." Ooops, you forgot Bush flooded them with cash in 2007 didn't ya faggots? "Israel is our allie" You cock monkeys we give Israel 2.6 billion dollars a yr in foreign aid and complain about cutting the budget? I found a 2.6 billion dollar solution right there.


Democrats :

Now onto the democrats. They're educated pencil pushers. Other than that, they're fine.


Independents :

Independents are the only chance that America has.


In conclusion.

Democrats, and republicans differ in education, and income. They're the same because they only make policies for big businesses, not America. Only for the corporations that their party is for. If you're a republican you're an uneducated poor redneck. If you're a democrat you're a pencil pushing educated ass-hole. If you're an independent than you're doing the right thing. Fuck political parties.


This was week two In My Opinion Blog


- FuckyouIran

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