In My Opinion Week 4 "The Royal Wedding"

As an American, an Anglo discriminator, you can already tell what my opinon on this is.


Let's talk about the Royal family. They have pretty much no power, they're figure heads; with their influence diminishing, not to mention after the queen asked to raise taxes to buy a new purse pissed off alot of people.


Anyways onto this wedding. I guess beer will not be allowed, they want to keep it fancy I guess.  I don't know why, nothing fancy about the English culture. Wait, Oh, yeah, I forgot, England has no culture they're Americanized. and getting taken over by the Arabs. 


I'm not going to bash the Saxxons, only the wedding. Now onto the wedding, some hot underwear model is going to get married to Prince William. Prince William is a helicopter pilot, and also looks like a faggot. Prince Harry is pretty fucking cool though, with his bad ass attitude, rifle shooting UK unfantry ass. I seem to just jump around, but ohwell. Anyways, now the wedding is supposed to be timed by what Kate will do at what times, see her stupid wedding dress at 6am. Then she'll kiss William at 8am. Then they're going to party their asses off. Kate will get fucked by Williams small british nerdy dick. Then they'll wait 60 yrs before they get power.


The media on this shit is annoying. I don't wanna see UK flags on TV, or English accents telling me about a wedding I give no shit about.


Fuck this wedding, and now I hate the English for their bull shit invading my TV.


This is my got damn oppinion, if you don't like it, FUCK YOU!



Uploaded 04/28/2011
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