In My Opinion Week 5

I'm going to do a recap on the last blog about the Royal Wedding. Alot of Euro-faggots, and or metro / homosexuals were angry about it. Now that I know that Ebaumsworld has a high faggot population (pun intended) I guess I have to choose what I say carefully now? 


On to Osama Bin Laden. That mother fucker was killed by SEAL team 6. His compund was compromised and a KT was sent in. They killed one of his sons, and some wife of either OBL or his son. I'm glad OBL is dead but doesn't really change much. What it does change is funding of the Pakistani Taliban, Al-Quieda cells, and morale for the jihadist in that region. After we killed the butt fucking faggot, had to clean his body for Islamic bull shit traditions and had to bury him atleast 24 hours after his death. What I want to see is the pictures of his dead body, I myself wouldn't mind seeing half his head shot to shit. Other than that not much to talk about. He's deader than disco and that's that.


On to conspiracy theorist. If you're one then your parents lied to you as a child and blame the government. OBL is dead. Pakistani Taliban confirmed it but said he was a martyr so he died like he wanted. But fuck it. You cock munchers don't give a shit, go ahead and suck dick and believe you were lied to again.


Pakistan. I believe those bitches knew he was there, for the simple fact the Taliban is Pakistans best internal defense. It'll keep everyone thinking twice before you try to invade their state unless you want a bunch of muslims to declare a fatwa and kill themselves.


That's my opinion in week 5.


DISCLAIMER : If you don't agree with my opinion, I could give two fucks. Seems like some of you are feminine cuntsbuckets. So sorry your balls are the size of roasted peanuts.


- FuckyouIran

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