In Response to Bo's "Who Do You Miss"

*Pours out some of his forty for the nigguz who ain't here*

No offense Bo, but why the fuck should we dwell on cock munchers who feel their time is wasted with us?  If they're so wet over their new site, let them stay there.

It's May now.  February and March were kind of rough in the blog section. The situation in April started getting me a little excited.  Now I have boner every time I log on.

Why you ask?

1.  I never left.

2.  Dirty Sanchez brought his dirty ass back.

3.  East Side reverted to his old fucked up self.

4.  Bo stuck around and agreed to being called "Pappy"

5.  Savcam keeps posting shit that makes me have to turn my brain on (wft is the deal with that bro?)

6.  Wallboy graduated from troll to semi-legitamite blogger (get back with clockwork orange avi man).

7.  Sindicate lobbied for blog mod (you still got my vote bro).

8.  Mrturtle has the ability to make me laugh with his comments.

9.  Mods actually listen / comment in the blogs (props to PepperPeanut).

10.  Egg is for real.

11.  DreaD08 is representing once again.

12.  Big Bad is coming up with more and more quality shit.

13.  Adraline has returned with her A game blogs (keep 'em coming).

14.  AD is throwing in two cents, worth at least twenty bucks.

15.  Although Thad is rocking the main page, I know he loves the blogs.

16.  bigBbigW comes out of nowhere all the time with pure gold.

17.  Portolet is testing the waters again (you know you wanna jump right back in mo fo).

18.  Starkweather is posting copy-right-able comments.

19.  Tomlet never left (Tits & ass bro).

20.  Ugdork is back with his brilliant shit.

21.  Yeehaw is educating the world in the way of the Amsterdam (I'm actually surprised you're so articulate dude.  If I were there I'd be typing Chinese).

22.  That broke ass brilliant colored musician is poking his head around here again.

23.  There's no CJ.

24.  I've never left.

25.  Jaces is bringing it home.

26.  Platypuss coming with the French Flavor.

27.  Cbear at least walking the fence.

28.  Sublime because I like to listen to Sublime when I burn.

29.  mairorano84 is in the house.

30.  fetsimo is just good shit.

31.  Gnome, because he misses himself.

32.  TheNaxx (Wedgie Fight).

33.  strghtjcktgrl's ability to blog articulatly no matter how many drinks she's had, and of course that she only blogs when she's naked.

34.  godliberator wanting to stab anyone who doesn't follow the blog rules in the face.

35.  HisHolynesDpope and his relationship with his father.

36.  I never left.


If I forgot someone, please accept my apologies, unless I meant to forget you.

*Is off to deal with his boner*

p.s.  Just give lorddread his fucking laptop already.  It will be mutually beneficial.


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