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I agree with most of what you said in your blog, but I don't understand one thing.  I live in NYC and it is common to have some Christian dude yelling out their beliefs in a subway station or w/e, shoving the teachings of the bible down our throats... 'if we don't believe we will go to hell'...the whole thang...and if some passerbuy doesn't believe in the Christian faith, they just leave him alone and don't shut him up.  But if someone, say, an athiest like myself does as much as tell someone of the faith that god isn't real, they get all bent out of shape and lose their heads telling you you're wrong and your going to hell and all that jazz (it has happened to me many times, sometimes to my amusement)'s like, they can shove their beliefs down your throat, but you can't do as much as throw your own personal beliefs up there if they contradict the bible.  you, Sublime5, say that we should show them a little generosity...i don't really understand why we should give anything to these hypocrites who hate me or any other non-believer for having an original belief that was actually formed using common sense.

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