In The Name of Science

Religion in the name of God has definitely caused a lot  of misery upon this earth, but so has science in the search of discovery.  Which has taken a greater toll?  I'm not sure, but  suspect it to be science. I don't want to discuss the obvious more well known science experiments that hurt and killed people like the Nazi regime but lessor known projects that in many ways were more cruel and gruesome, yet not discussed in modern times. Just starting with one tonight, more will be added in future blogs.

UNIT 731

Led by General Shiro Ishii, an officer in the Kwantung Army performed horrific experiments on men women and children. Most of the people were political prisoners, convicts, Chinese people, but some were American and British prisoners of war. 

Scientific experimentation included  vivisection, where by the skin of the subject is peeled back and pinned down. Then muscle tissue is removed and the chest cavity cracked open. This allowed access to the internal organs for very important scientific observations. If you know the French word "Vive" you would then know that this study was conducted while the test subject was alive. The people were not put under because the important scientist didn't want to take the chance that it would affect the results.

All these biological studies were done without anesthesia including removing limbs and then reattaching them at different locations. They did this at different temperatures including freezing them first to do the very important work of studying gangrene. 
How about a little weapons testing for the science of it. They would line up people, kids included and collect that important data after using flame throwers, hand grenades, biological explosives, etc.

Prisoners were injected with inoculations of disease, disguised as vaccinations. Wasn't that a conspiracy theory? Oh well. The test subjects were raped to give them VD. Plague fleas spread  cholera, anthrax, tularaemia.

These Japanese scientist developed the defoliation bacilli   bomb and the flea bomb to spread  bubonic plague. They would do this in areas of China were there was no Japanese occupation. Then the researchers would go in with special suits to gather data.

They injected horse hair in their kidneys, hung then upside down till they died, spun them on centrifuges to observe what would happen, buried them alive then studied them. All kinds of fun scientific experiments.

Approximately10,000 - 40,000 deaths were from experiments done in laboratories and about 200,000 - 600,000 outside.  

After the war  Dr. Masaji Kitano a key figure in the experiments led Japan's largest pharmaceutical company, the Green Cross. General Shiro Ishii  moved to Maryland to work on bio-weapons research with the help of General MacArthur.   Others headed U.S.-backed medical schools or worked for the Japanese health ministry.  

This information was declassified Jan 12 2007. It can be found here....
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