Inception Ending Spoiler Alert


I just saw inception and to start, it was pretty awesome. but im just as confused as everyone else.


The first quesiton: was he still dreaming or awake at the end? i personally think that he was awake because he actually saw his kids' faces and he said he did not have a memory of that? (or, how could he not have a memory of his own kids' faces? he's seen them before)


Also his totem began to wobble and it never did that while he was dreaming.


BUT there are other questions i want answered. 


Close to the end when Cobb and Mal were talking to each other and Mal called for the kids. The kids did a different motion then in Cobb's memory. so how did that happen? Also Cobb turned away when the kids were about to look over. what would have happened if Cobb didn't turn away? would he see blank faces or real faces?


Also i did research about the true ending on the internet and the only thing i could find is that the ending is left up to the viewer. or there could have been another possible ending that the top neither stopped nor continued.


Either way it was a awesome.

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