Inception Review

This was supposed to be a huge movie, filled with SFX, the whole mystery thing, a complex story and a lot of twists. The face of the film - Leonardo DiCaprio - got millions of dollars for his role, and a lot of money was spent to advertise this movie. The movie is, of course, a hit. DVDs sold over the world. But the question is... why?

The movie starts with a complete mumbo-jumbo. I have no idea what's going on, every next scene brings more and more disorder to the story. The first hour is just talk and talk and talk and talk. About how they can enter dreams, what are the rules of doing that, and a few minutes of special effects intermission between the stupid boredom of more and more uninteresting dialog.

The plot is pretty simple - some people, that can enter dreams, need to convince a guy who will soon control the world's oil market that he doesn't become an economic dictator. They set up a trap in a plane - plug him in to the dream computer network and go inside his head. If they made all this trouble - why not just hypnotize him and do the brainwashing? But no, they need to use the awesome machine.

Another idiotic part of the movie is - when you go to a dream, you have more time there than in the outside world. But wait, there's more! You can get into another dream from that dream and into another there. And the time you spend there multiplies! If you get killed in the dream, you wake up from your sleep. But if you used drugs to induce the sleep - you go into a limbo. Meaning - another dream within the dream, which lasts longer.

The catch is - once you are in a dream within a dream which is in another dream inside of a dream - you are there for years until you wake up from the drug.

The movie is almost 3 hours long. Boredom, nonsense, Mission Impossible styled action, more nonsense.

The ending was the worst part of the film. It brought absolutely nothing, left everything to viewer speculation and was already used multiple times in other movies.

After having read this review, you probably think the movie is shit. It's not. You can use shit as a fertilizer, Inception is a worthless, pointless piece of rubbish.
Uploaded 01/07/2011
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