Incite Mill Review

There's been many films based on this idea. A group of people locked up as part of an experiment, left to themselves for a week. The Big Brother type of thriller genre's been often used in different movies. Mostly for cheesy gore, but also in films like Cube. This time the people volunteer for the lock-up and learn that all they have to do is live together for 7 days. There are no rules and they need to choose a detective anytime a 'crime' happens. Then they vote the solution.

The cool part of the movie is the mentioned crime. After the first night, the participants find one of them dead. They don't know which one of them is the killer. More than that - each of them received an unique weapon locked in their room as they arrived.

Here's where the fun starts. Nobody wants to show their weapons to other participants in fear of them. Soon they start killing each other, thinking they are in danger. Another part of the game is - the detective gets money bonus when he solves a crime (if other contestants vote his solution), the criminal (not necessarily the murderer - the person who was voted as guilty and locked up in a cell) also receives a bonus. Whoever dies receives money (relatives get the cash) and also the person who killed gets more money (this is confidential and the other contestants aren't notified about this, naturally).

Old idea but a brilliant new story. I enjoyed watching the movie and trying to figure out who's the murderer. Soon it turns out there's more into it. More than one killer? Or maybe there was no killer to start with? Are all the people involved in the experiment contestants? How much freedom do they really have and why are they payed so much?

Oh yes, the money. It's well known that people would do despicable things if offered a lot of cash. This aspect pushes many of the characters beyond their usual limits. Add to it that two of the participants are a pair about to get married and you get the idea of what other contestants feel about people backing each other up and their chances to survive alone. Or what happens with one's mind when the other gets killed.

The acting sucked. Some of the actors were good, but it's obvious the ones who acted crazy overdid it. Regardless, it was fun to watch. The diversity of characters made the movie even more interesting. You have a sweet girl, a cowardly young man, an old weirdo, an anti-social guy, older gentleman, a strange lady, an ordinarily-looking young pair, a girl abused when she was a child and a likely psychopath. As you've probably guessed by now, the whole fun is trying to guess who killed who and which weapon belongs to which contestant. Some try to expose their tools but later it's not so easy, since some of the victims get robbed out of theirs.

I recommend this movie to everybody who likes a good thriller with mystery elements. The number of twists and the character diversity makes it pure pleasure to watch and the film is far from boring. On the contrary, it gets even more interesting once the contestants find out that their actions are being broadcasted worldwide, more people join the killing game and the suspicions start to drive the players crazy.
Uploaded 04/01/2011
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