indcwby: An 82 IQ in Review.

Sometimes my galleries make people so mad they go to outrageous lengths to try and return the favor. Although in my case I'm not sure it's really the galleries anymore, so much as my lack of interest in dumb people's dissent.

They say the more facts and common sense gain momentum in people's hearts and minds, the more those who don't value either will fight to support their blind beliefs. Well, the fight against these kinds of things is pretty dumb to begin with. But even worse is when the fight style is laughable.

Take indcwby, for instance. Here's an example of a fight that only hurts more than it would ever help. Like Howard Stern has said, it all says something about a lack of IQ. And boy, does it show.

Acting first and thinking later, dumb ppl drivel on while forgetting (until I told them) that they can just as easily post their own shit if they don't like mine. So here's what indcwby puts up tonight:


A fun and comedic gallery on militant Atheists seems cool enough, except I already knew what it was all really about. First off, Atheists don't "believe" in things. That's why they're Atheist. Facts aren't "beliefs", btw. Second, you could tell he made all these posts himself on memegenerator. In fact, most of these are anti-Creationist quips re-worded to strike back at Atheists.

Aww, and look how he numbers his first gallery with the 1. It already is his first, but seems to find it important someone understands he intends to post more. I wonder who that could be?

Westboro Church and Rin are one in the same: Both media whores and will troll as much as possible to get under their skin.

Of course, Chicken Little doesn't stop to realize it takes a media whore to spend that kind of time on memegenerator pasting and re-wording quotes to support their agenda. Plus the fact that 'trolling' is what you do when you post an obvious retaliation gallery which misses the hypocrisy point you try to make on someone else's.

My guess is, like most of these religious nuts, he would have posted some awesome quotes, jokes, toons, and the like bursting with wisdom, sensible thoughts, observances, and facts based on empirical evidence to support his own beliefs - kinda like they claim mine don't include - except those don't really exist. So naturally, he'd rather come to my galleries with excuses for why I'm wrong. And instead of a more 'balanced and unbiased' display, we get shitty, second-rate memes.

My galleries piss him off so much it's gotta mean I'm a militant Atheist. Since I'm not an Atheist, it's gotta mean I've got ulterior motives. Since I don't have any, then that means I'm a troll. Since I'm not trolling, it must mean I'm lying. I just say it means he's a whiny bitch.

This is a guy who didn't get the memo I'm not an Atheist, I've got nothing riding on my posts, I'm not trolling, etc. I'm posting shit I'm interested in, that others are interested in, that takes almost no time at all to do, and that's where it ends. Period. No bullshit, no motives, no whoring, no e-bone-scavenging, nothing you want to say that'll make your own beliefs look good and you feel better.

This is why religious people suck balls. They'll throw all these reasons out there I'm horrible because in their minds, I have to be. And the fewer fucks I give, the more pissed they get. They are the reason my galleries do great. The posts make half a point. These people make it whole.

Uploaded 12/17/2012
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