Independence Day

As stated in a previous blog Independence Day (July 4) is fast approaching. I would like to take the opportunity to first wish all my fellow Americans a happy 4th and to also admonish them that while our country is indeed struggling we are still the greatest country in the world!  I mean no disrespect to any of my fellow bloggers from other countries, in fact if you did not believe your own country to be the  greatest, as I do, then I would wonder about your patriotism and commitment to your own homeland.

Does America have problems? Hell yes but can we overcome them? I believe so. It may take hard work, sacrifice and dedication but those are things that I like to think my country embodies.

As you can tell I am a patriotic American! I have served my country, loved my country and will continue to do so with my dying breath! 

My only regret for America is the continuous bickering and wrangling from different sides of the aisle with no willingness to compromise. Shit I realize that our 2 party system is the groundwork and foundation of our representational government, and that loyal opposition has always been and will always be a part of our American way of life but enough is enough! We have to start working together or we will fall together! (which will make us the greatest fallen country in the world)

Sorry I got off on a rant there. My real purpose for writing this blog is to seriously wish all and sundry Americans a happy 4th and ask that we all take the time to remember our service men and woman deployed around the world in harms way. Those folks (to me) embody what being an American is all about! Putting yourself at risk so that I can stay here at home and enjoy my freedoms!

I know many of you out there are going to respond with scorn and derision to my last paragraph, but guess what? If you're an American that is your right! The folks  in the armed forces today and in the past are the ones who insured your ability to do so! So please take the time this weekend to recognize our heroes around the world. I can guarantee the fireworks our combat troops  are experiencing this weekend ARE NOT the kind you want to be close to!

Saluting the flag


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