Indoor Kart Racing

My girlfriend, a co-worker, his girlfriend, and I went to Vegas Fast Lap indoor kart racing last weekend.  The karts go 50 mph and the course is kind of a scaled down Formula 1 type track.  I got a deal online.  It was four races for $25 instead of the normal three for $60 or $25 each. 







I talked much shit about how I was going to annihilate everybody for a week before we went.  My girlfriend said I'd be unbearable if I actually did beat everybody.  I said that it would be quite the opposite.  If somebody actually beat me, I'd be overjoyed.  But if I lapped everybody, like I expected to, I wouldn't be smug, I'd just be a little disappointed.


The karts were unreasonably fast.  If you didn't use the brakes, there was no way you could stay off of the wall.  It was hard to get the karts up to their top speed, but you could get pretty close to 50 mph.


We only had time to use three of our four races.  I owned everybody the first two races.  I had the fastest average lap time, fastest single lap, and highest average speed.  I almost lapped my girlfriend the first race.  I lapped my co-worker, gave him a hard bump on the way past and laughed maniacally. 


The last race I started in last position and my girlfriend started in first.  I was able to catch up to her, but not pass her.  I still had the best stats, but finished second behind her.  I noticed that she was drifting around the hairpin (pictured above) and thought I could take an inside line to pass her if I didn't lose traction myself.  She got almost totally sideways and I t-boned her so hard that it knocked my helmet awry.  I had been bumping people, but not enough to be considered egregious.  The guy who ran the place ran out onto the course, obviously pissed off.  I thought I was getting a racing time out for ramming my girlfriend's kart so hard.  It turns out my co-worker, knowing this was his last race, was going totally balls out.  He tried to pass two people on a corner, bumped one, bounced into the other, and lost control, hitting the wall so hard that his helmet flew off.  He got invited to immediately end his racing experience.


This isn't me, but it shows the intensity of the experience.



It's cool that my girlfriend loves NFL, can play disc golf better than some men I know, and can hang in there with me in kart racing.  This is all independent of the fact that she's really hot.
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