Inner Demontia

I've got my demons,
but now they work for me
biting and clawing,
and designing for free

pain is ever flowing,
creativity leaks
torment comes forth,
delivers a speech

or a painting, or poem,
or story, or book
or video, or photo,
come take a look
look at my hope,
converted from despair
Took lots of doing,
 tender loving care

but me and my demons,
 can work up a storm
reminding of obstacles,
both surpassed and worn

An albatross of sorts,
hung 'round my neck
The yoke of disfunction,
all damaged and wrecked

we plot our course,
and we plow our own field
Inner demons keep working,
look at the yield:
hundreds of stanzas,
haikus and songs
my work talks of the weak,
 uncaring, and un-strong

I know what it's like,
to be strung along
bobbing on hope,
in a river of wrong

I know what it's like,
to bleed, to the bone
I know what's it's like,
severed nerves that are shown

I know what it's like,
I know how it can be
Plodding for joy,
 and experiencing misery

I know all about,
heartache and pain
and that's exactly why,
I like to entertain

My demons and me,
can put on quite a show
distracting from sorrow,
minus your woes

Between weeping and laughing
we'll see how far we'll go
Hopefully I'll get bigger
and I can take them on the road.

Uploaded 06/03/2012
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