INS fo ya ass!

Today, I was at work doing my usuall work thing, when I was asked to take a survey after work for the union.  It payed me an extra hour so I thought what the hell, Ive got nowhere to be today.  Turns out this survey is the INS citizenship test and they wanted to take a poll on how many union members could actually pass the test. 

Oh shit side story, at work today a guy pinned between a truck and the trash compactor.  YIKES!  He got fucked up.  Anyways, I digress.

The test was anonymous and when you were done they made a photo copy and asked if you wanted your own with a copy of the correct answers.  I thought sure what the hell again.  Gimmie something to read while Im sitting in traffic drinking my coffee.  The questions started out really easy like, what are the colors of the flag?  Then they dont get hard they get tricky.  One in particular got me just because I was thinking a little bit more simple I suppose.  Wasn't that I didnt know the answer because I think that we all do, it just didnt occur to me. 

Number 16.  Who elects the President of the United States of America?

My Answer: The People

Correct Answer:  The Electoral Colleges

Tricky right???

Okay, I can understand that one.  Serioulsy though and be honest with yourselves on this one.  If you want to be a bullshitter and impress a bunch of people you dont even know then fine, but I honestly didnt know the answer to this one off the top of my head.

Question 24: How many amendments does the Constition have?

My Answer:???????23???????

Correct Answer: 27

As I got further down the list I had to think back to the days of public school to conjur the correct answers but I knew them.  Remember earlier how I said maybe I was just thinking to simple.  check this out...

Question 33: What is the United States Capital.

My Answer: Disctrict of Coumbia

Correct Answer: The place where Congress Meets.

Now I know that I should have noticed that it said What and not Where.  However, it seems like the simplicity makes it more difficult.  I began to second geuss myself because seemed like it was easier than it should be.

Okay now it started to throw shit at me that I had never even heard of.  Again be honest with yourselves on this one.  At the same time ask yourself what the motivation behind this question may be.

Question 51: What is the "rule of law"?

My Answer: What?

Correct Answer: Everyone must follow the law, leaders must obey the law, Government must obey the law, and no one is above the law.

Something tells me that that one was recently added.  Considering I just saw a hate crime on the news where some young teenage kids had a game called Beiner Jumpin.  They would jump Mexicans in this "game".  No shit.  What kind of fucked up shit is that.  I think that there is a stigma around mexicans as being a lesser more crime driven race.  not always violent but crime driven.  This stigma gets into the minds of these impressionable young kids and makes them do sick shit like this.  Whoa, Im digressing again, sorry about that. 

Anyways, These were just a few that I thought were outstanding enought to spark a conversation.  What do you guys think about this test?

Oh yea, I passed by ONE.  Just like my entire student career.

Thanks for reading.


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