Insanely rude admission officer

So i finished an IT degree from a shitty university in australia right ? then i've sent my transcript to a university in belgium so i can enrol in a masters (cos in belgium u can do a masters in one year, it's not bullshit , just very few courses), they said first u gotta do year of preparation, then u can do the masters, that preparation year was like the third year of a  bachelors degree, the thing is , i 've already done 4 courses that were exactly the same so i asked if i could write them off, as well as two language courses that i don't need (english and dutch) here's what they answered :

"If there is an admissions committee that makes decisions about the curriculum of a student who has a foreign degree, it is not for the student to advise on the courses he wants to follow or not follow!While on some courses you have at your course have the same title as the ones you already finished, the committee knows since it examined the list of your courses. "The preparatory year is to bring the knowledge of students who have not made the bachelor with us to bring them all to the level of our students to start classes for the Master and all courses of the third tray. The only exemption that you might be Dutch.I remind you that the curriculum assigned by the admissions committee is not negotiable!Yours! "

(Bear in mind that the last paragraph was in bold)


Uploaded 09/04/2010
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