insomnia II the sequel

ive been backtracking blogs and that raven song   jesus christ, it wouldnt bother me so much except that i know there are sooooo many people just as stupid or worse than her, i think its funny when people say " o its political" and just right it off, when they say that they know that its going to be more than one sentence and their brains go into tard mode, when people say "oh thats political" they might as well say, "Im too fuckin stupid to keep up can we talk about something that doesn't have so many words?" these people LOVE catagories they love catch phrases and they do what everyone else does because their scared that if they dont people will realize how fucking worthless they are on their own. Thats why she thinks that, and i quote "The chinese shit on eachother than eat it"(WOW) like, god i cant even imagine being that stupid,like where the fuck,... how do you come to a conclusion like that? thats how racist retards like that, theyll say all this racist shit, and then youll be like, talking about lil wayne or 50 cent and shell start singing their music, because its what the herd does and if she didnt people might see her for what she really is. they see everything through this gang mentality, love it or leave it, do you have any idea that the people who founded this country were revolutionaries? incredibly left wing rebels, like more leftist than the world had ever seen(someone you would probably call commies) and we must create a more perfect union, you dont creat perfection by going with the crowd and doing what everyone else does you do it by doing whats right, and btw most immigrants are so happy they're here they dont speak up at all ( I know im from Tucson AZ ive met them i see them everyday i grew up with their kids), so i really dont see why you think you   of all people   have the right to tell someone else that they dont have the right to be here they will work harder than you will ever, they will probably be better people than you will ever have the luck to meet or intelligence to recognize, where the fuck, do you get your fucking sence of accomplishment? youa re the reason america is gonna some middle rank country by the time were old enough to not get social security because instead of doing what the french youth are doing, fighting for their futures, most of the youth in this country are to worried about not fitting in, and if you give a shit about ANYTHING you might as well be on your own in this stupid fucking culture, o ya except stupid racist bullshit. RAVEN you are a metaphor, an example,dont take it personally :)
Uploaded 11/10/2010
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