Intellectual Arguments

Anyone who has read the blog section will be familiar with the constant one upmanship that pervades the comments. Well, to you all I say put up or shut up. From the claims of law degrees to P.H.D.'s I believe the users of Ebaum's World must be some of the top collegians in the country or you are all completely full of shit.

I am sure most of you that are old enough more than likely attended some form of higher education after high school. That being said I am sure a good portion of you managed to graduate with some form of degree. I do not however believe that a large contingency of high powered corporate executives or the like are dicking around on this site. I hate to admit it but being in my early thirties it is really a stretch for me to be here.  I have way to much spare time is all I can say in my defense.

I have started a group for college graduates and if any of you are serious about being recognised as such please join and represent your Alma mater. You can consider it a reference point to back your intellectual arguments on politics or why a certain person is an idiot. Here is the link:

I made this group invite only to keep every thirteen year old from claiming they went to Brown so please leave a message stating which college you attended and I will send you an invitation. I hope to god there are actually more than two of us.

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