Interesting times

It's been almost a year since leaving the states for Afghanistan. I've popped in a couple of times and noticed allot more new users and the site revamped. UCM, yank, pep, J, Mac, E2 held down the fort nicely as well and made the site even better.
But down to business..................
Since I left there has been a shitload of events that happened in my life. The Obvious one is well, being in a fucking war and 2) Is allot of trouble back home and the dealings and drama related to my marriage but I will not get into that at the moment.
I have constant worries about those things back home as well as day to day life out here. The one escape I do have now is logging on to the site again. With that being said I've witnessed tons of tedious bolshit little fights in the blog section and quite frankly, it pretty fucking annoying. The quality that was once here diminished. And I know for a fact that all the staff and mods are busy as hell. So I say this from the bottom of my heart.................................quite the stupid shit.
Yes, I'm back on now, however due to crappy signals out here its hard to load but harder to get on due to mission.
And yes, I will be back in full force shortly. As for Pep's idea, I like it, and will put my two cents in on whom should be in the position. And ass Kissing will get you no where. Quality will.

60 days and a wake up.

Uploaded 06/29/2011
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