Interesting week

1. I called an old business acquaintance of mine because I required his tree cutting services. The last time I saw him was over 15 years ago. He was a very strong young man, as you might expect from a tree cutter. He was also a cocaine addict. I needed his chipper to clean up a site that I will be building on and figured I'll give him a call to see how he is doing.

On the phone he started talking all excited about his new career in motivational speaking and seeking the truth. I told him I too was trying to find out the truth about things that did not make sense. He got very excited and started reading some material he wrote to send to corporate CEO's.

Anyways, he was trying to find the site, so I stood out on the street so that he would see me and not pass the site. I saw his truck coming and then it just drove by. Up ahead at the end of the street I could hear him turning around. He came back down the street and this time I got his attention by waving my hands.

I think he didn't recognize me at first. Then when I saw him I didn't recognize him. His face was shallow and bony, his build half the size I remember him. I suppose the ravages of cocaine did a job on him.  I guess he probably didn't recognize me, because after quitting smoking I gained 50 lbs. I went from a tall slim guy to a beer belly old man.

2. While returning home at 7:30 this morning I saw a girl idling a crotch rocket. It was pouring rain, not even my wipers at high gave me good visibility. The lady was waiting for the light to go green. I thought to myself she probably will go slow and pull over to the coffee shop.

Nope! I was wrong! The dumb bitch guns it as though it was a beautiful sunny day! I thought for sure she must be suicidal, but no,  just plain stupid! Guess I'll be hearing about some street pizza soon.

3. My wife works at a local high school. The kids were doing a fund raiser for cancer this week. Most children participated because it gave them the morning away from class. Those that didn't either forgot their permission forms or weren't interested in participating.

The organizer of the event, a vice principal, suggested that those who did not raise money for the event be punished at the end of the year. She decided that all non participants would not attend the year end fun park event. Instead they would remain at the school and be required to take the beep test.

Heil Hitler!

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