Intergalactic barhopping

So I was out doing some barhopping this evening.  And at some point during my 5th or 6th Killians draugh (after I'd switched from Octoberfest), a reocurring thought thats been bugging me the past couple months came up.  Intergalactic travel. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love Earth.  I was born and raised on Earth.  And if I have anything to say about it, I'll be burried on Earth (though I may not, who knows?).

But I got to thinking how great it would be if intergalactic travel were real.  I distinctly remember staring at some Jagermeister poster about how the shots are ice cold at the bar I was at, yet despite the conversation going on between my friends I couldn't stop imagining how great it would be if we were able to just leave, hop the nearest shuttle and jet over to the other side of the universe, stop in at some dive bar and have a drink.  Granted, I've been reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the first time recently, but ever since I first saw Outlaw Star for the first time when I was a mere 15 years of age and first realized how badly I yearned for such space travel I've always wanted to get off this planet and mingle with other sentient life forms.

Sure, some of you are going to laugh.  And yeah, I'm totally trashed on Killians right now.  But seriously, give it some thought.  That kind of freedom, to pick up and go anywhere in the universe . . . can you imagine the bar stories you'd hear?  I can't imagine being any happier than if I were sitting in a bar on some distant planet we haven't even discovered yet hearing about how some 6-armed blue-skinned alien is in this rock band called Supernova and totally banged this Alpha Centaurie girl the other night at his gig, and then at the end of the night stumbling out of the bar in a drunken stupor and trying to figure out how I'm going to get back to Earth so I can get at least a few hours sleep before I have to wake up and go do whatever the next day.

I dunno, maybe I'm just strange.  I'm sure many of you will say so, it seems to be the cool thing to do around here.  But I honestly long for the day when I can sit and listen to music you simply can't find on this planet and hearing stories you just can't hear on this planet in an atmosphere unlike anything concieveable by modern man.

If you don't think I'm crazy, let me know.  Because after getting it all down in writing, I realize how absurd I must sound.

Oh, and if my spelling or grammar is fucked, thank Killian's Irish Red.  Cheers.

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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