Interpretive Art of Avatars.

I decided to permantly change my online persona. I'm no longer a pervert stalker with a penchant for bizarre sexual rituals involving easy to acquire household hardware, appliances, utensils, chemicals, and small internal combustion engines. Today, I am Thumper, a pervert rabbit with a penchant for bizarre sexual rituals involving easy to find forrest trees, rocks, critters, bear traps, and small internal combustion engines.

Each of our identities on here is a form of interpretive art, whether we intend it so or not.  It is how we are judged, a symbol, and a form of loose communication about as effective in conveying our identity as jello is at jelloing.  If you don't know what jelloing is, it's something even jello can't do. What one sees in their avy, is not always as others see. So describe your avy, as you see it, a la interprative art.  We'll all let you know how completely wrong your opinions are.

Personally, I see Thumper engaged in an act of defiance to his parents, committing the taboo of under-aged, experimental sex with an animal just off frame to the right, not of his species, in spite of the parent's racist views.  The upwards look in the eyes indicates sexual submission and fantasies of being brought to a higher existance through the exploitation of the body. The happiness is indicative of discovery -a loss of virginity if you will- and the gratification that comes from transitioning into adulthood, albeit before the understanding of responsibilities, risks, and  consequence is fully understood in the adolescent brain.  Really, it's a portrait of the destiny of most eBaumers as desperate virgins, 1 base away form contracting syphilis, having bastard babies, and having to tell their grand children they met grandma on a website talking about how Thumper was a faggot.

Uploaded 09/01/2010
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