It's time for brownies and cigarrettes.

It's time for meaningless stories, tales;

Treasures for children without shoes.

Insane ideas of revolution,

the end of Christmas.

The Sun's as brown as coffee.

Eyes're as red as the hourglass of the underbelly of a black widow.

Fingertips touch The Moons and cry.

Men are blasfemous.

Women could care less.

Hours are oblivious to life.

Sadness grows like The Rainforest.

Homes tumble like marbles.

Dirt is untouchable.

Poetry is deplored.

Editorials might be propaganda.

Death is happiness.

Life is as quiet as a lovesick boy curled in a ball,

lying on the left side of his cot.

Children are praised;

they don't know why.

Sex is misfortune.

Lies are protective.

Mice are huge.

Teeth are straight.

My baby isn't sad.

Unfairness is rough.

Dogshit is emitted to the Stratoshpere.

Cheese is holeless.

Cans of food are expired.

Tears are corrosive.

It's time to hollar at beautiful blue eyes!

It's time to break.

It's time to fly.

It's time to burn more meat!

It's time to fry!

Is it?

Is it really time to hunt for mushrooms under cow crap?

Plow the beautiful with beastlike grace,

with intellect.

Fuse Mercury with Calcium.

Everybody coins priceless ideas.

Beetles know compassion.

Kingdom Come has gone.

Leadership is a mockery to edgy thoughts.

Thoughts of sun on the grass,

peaceful feuds.

The Devil's creature is the fly.

Primates are banished from their high society.

Canines will only get filthier.

The young lovers are laughed at by old heartbrokeners.

Orange trees are poisonous.

'Please' doesn't mean shit.

Brilliance is miniscule.

Violence is action packed training.

Moaning and puling are fun for the whole family!

Doors fear fists & feet.

Semi-truck are the reason for steeltoe boots.

Slimy rain is The Earth, not pollution.

We can defy gravity,

it is time to fly.

The life of one human is like an ant under 1000 lbs..

It's time to read six-foot letters.

It's time to take back your first love.

Hold him. Kiss him. Slap him.

Chain her.

Fear these thoughts.

Yelp a hundred decibals.

Swab the blood from your throat.

I'm the center of attention.

I'm food.

It's time to eat.

Is it really time to stand back and look at the Big Picture?

To stare a caligraphy?

Yes!! Yes!! I say!!

Banish your mother from platonic love,

fear these thoughts!

The time is now!

We can all feel it!

Your eyes are windows to your Mind;

look in a mirror.

Dead leaves in Fall count humans in all.

It's time to look at others' work.

It's time to ride the elephant.

It's time to end pain.

A lot is past due.

Personalities help not persons.

Masterminds of tyranny behave like Christian children.

These are my eyes.

Thsi is my book. Book 3.

The Mind, Book 3.

These are my thoughts and much more is to be read.

Read! Read on.

However, before you do,

know it's time to play happily in the sand.

The reason no action is taken is because

roses are red,

trees are green,

ants crawl,

bees fly,

humans walk,

and babies cry.

Follow the path of your absurdities.

The rest of your answer lies there.


                                                                             July 29th, 2008

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