Irish Kid ...

So i just started up my two-a-days for football yesterday .. Since i was in the bronx for a while everybody on my team haven't seen me for a while .. anyways i'm sittin on the couch arm rest in the locker room while everybody is just setting up and chatting .. this new kid on our team .. Irish kid .. is about 5''2 120 lbs and is just walkin around idk who he is at the moment .. My friend matt williams just says dave you're a loser!! then says to the irish kid isn't this kid a loser ?? the Irish kid goes right up to me and says .. HE LOOKS LIKE A FUKIN LOSER .. LMAO so i just laugh at him and then start chattin again .. finally my friend big L says that the kid raps .. we ask him to rap and his goofy ass starts to rap .. he said the funniest rhyme . i take it as a quote now though .. it goes .. my mouth is vicious eat your pussy make you a explode i am a freak ill get your panties to the floor .. lmfao if you say that out loud it sounds alot better .. haha priceless! he even told my friend to stop the beat cause he wants to go accapella or however you spell that .. His nickname is now known as J-Money .. lol the little Irish kid.

Uploaded 08/18/2009
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