Is Gas Really that Expensive

In the news, everyone has heard of the rising gas prices and the predictions of $4-$5+ gas prices in the summer.  In America, we are fairly fortunate compared to other countries in the world.  In many countries in Europe, the average price for a gallon of gas is about $7-$10.  In Canada, the price is $4.50 per gallon.  Also, in Sierra Leone (Africa), the price of gas is a whopping $18 a gallon.  Although the price of gas has significantly increased over the past decade, the price of other products are much more when brought up to the same size.  For example, a 20 oz. soft drink is about $1.50 and there are 128 oz. in a gallon.  If you do the math, the price for a gallon of a soft drink is $9.60.  Also, cough medicine is about $5-$7 for a 5-8 oz. bottle.  If you buy a gallon of cough medicine, the price would be about $125-$200.  For cereal, the average price runs around $4-$6 per 17.5-20 oz. box.  For a gallon of cereal, the cost would be about $25-$50 per gallon.  One item that surprised me in being shockingly expensive is ice cream.  The cost for a half gallon of ice cream is around $5-$7 and a gallon would be $10-$14.  After seeing how much goods cost when they're brought to scale with gas, maybe you'll think twice before complaining about how much gas is.

Uploaded 05/14/2008
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