Is Masturbation a Religious Act?

Masturbation could be considered a religious experience. When it is performed, especially in our time, many place themselves on their pew, usually an office chair, look with great excitement towards the Alter, our computer screens, adore figures who don't exist, at least in our own lives, perform rituals, like set down our Kleenex, loosen our belts, apply some holy oil and cup our hands as we use our imaginations to move us mentally and physically.  We make up stories in our heads as whimsical as any parable. We do it regularly at intervals that would embarrass the most strident of church goers. 

For many religions, masturbation is a dirty activity, and it is, but we like dirty. I wonder what would happen if we as Masturbationist, considered putting at least as much effort, resources and enthusiasm into creative and artistic pleasures what great works we might accomplish? We should at least use the product we create by the act of masturbation to at least make a picture, as our cum dribbles onto a freshly torn canvass that would rival the Sistine Chapel. 


Uploaded 07/15/2012
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