Is Mediocrity normal?

 "mediorce",  ordinary, neither good or bad, not smart, but not stupid. 

Well the point i'm trying to make is, is this normal? That is my question. Lets look at it.  Being mediocre is essentially being average, you're not trying to be noticed, you're just trying to get by. There is a prefecent that has been created as to what this looks like. The C student, which leads to the crappy job. Or the A student who didn't apply theirself. The beholder of the "crappy job" is probaly just like anyone else who has this situation. The image has been created through TV, and movies mostly. Lets use males, why not. Guy goes to a job he hates, hours presumably 9-5. Then he goes down to the bar, hangs out. Then off to home eats dinner, and goes to bed. On weekends he watches football, and during holidays he's actually happy.

Ta da, Average.

This is the most some can hope for, just being average.

It wouldn't be known as average unless most of the people in western civilization led their lives as such.

Back to the question, do you consider this normal?

Is it normal that millions of people settle for these "just getting by" lifestyles, bcause from birth nobody expected any better of them, they are just happy that they were average?

I'm not trying to get into the technical of "those jobs need to be done by somebody" or anything like that. I'm asking is it normal for people to accept their own mediocrity?


I look forward to your responses


Uploaded 10/30/2010
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