Is this really it?

OK....WTF?  And yes....I like to use (...) a lot.....fuck off. 

Is this really all life has to offer me...a virtual world inside of a corrupt and vial living world?  I feel like Neo in the Matrix, but I didn't get the cool red I'm fat...and well....I'm fat.  It all feels like a ridiculously long dream and I can't wake up.  Where's the fucking punchline to our lives....I've been waiting for it for some time now.

I can see why people do drugs now.  I can see why people drink.  I can see why people kill themselves.  This world is...FUCKING BORING!!!  There's nothing to do.  I'm typing off the top of my head right now to people I've never met and only know by a rediculous screen name like BillyBobBlowJob, or some shit like that, because I have nothing better to do.  Sure...I could go do some wash, clean some dishes, mow the grass...but why bother?

I was kicked/banned out of EBW chat tonight due to posting horrible, vial, disgusting pictures.  Your saying to yourself, "Eshel wouldn't do shit like that???"  I posted horrible emergency room trauma pics just to get honest reactions out of people...I guess it worked lol.  This is how bored Eshel really is..Jesus I'm referring to myself in the third person...maybe I did take the red pill....ever notice that Dayquil/Nitequil pills look like Matrix pills....hmmmmmm.  Anyways, back on subject, David Blaine is an awesome magician...God damn brain can't focus for two fucking is boring....there we go....back on track now. 

And to top everything off right now, my fucking nose is sealed off like a dolphins ass underwater.  I can't fucking breathe.  I looked at a bottle of nose spray and it said...ONE SPRAY IN EACH NOSTRIL TWICE A DAY...How the fuck is the spray supposed to get there...I sneezed before and my balls almost skeet shooted thru my asshole.  What was I talking about....oh sucks.  Why did the Kool-aid man always have red Kool-aid in him?  Was he a racist bastard?  I think he was...or do nigros like grape Kool-aid....fuck....I can't remember.  Why do they get offended if you call them colored people?  What does the NAACP stand for?  Now who's being racist.....yeah...probably me.

If your still reading this God bless you.  I don't really know what else to write.  My head hurts and my brain feels like it's moving faster than a midget on a treadmill...I just made that shit made me laugh too thinking about a midget on a treadmill...especially one of those big assed midgets that has to hobbel around...that would be so funny to watch.  Why do I have an empty milk jug on my desk....WTF? 

I hope there are some people out there that at least have interesting lives.  Even when I was an EMT/Paramedic my life wasn't all that exciting.  I just feel like there should be more.  I bought a WII and a balance board....2 inches of dust on the balance board...and probably some cheeto crumbs as well.  Well....I'm done talking...I just dont know how to wrap this one up.

Um.....The End.





Uploaded 04/23/2010
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