Islam - My little rant.

Well, just got home from work and as usual I check my email - and I find that my father sent me one:


Basically, it stated that Britain was debating to remove any teaching of the Holocaust from its school because it offends the Muslim students, that do not believe that such an event occured (as they are taught from their parents)


How goddamn braindead do you have to believe that the holocaust didn't happen? (and yes, I realize that the internet hates Jews) My grandfather and many of the people that live on my street where in WW2, saw what happened to the Jews in those camps.  At least General Eisenhower had the intelligence to make sure that as many photos could be taken as possible.  He even stated, "Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses - because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say this never happened."  (edit - little side note - at the University of Ottawa, Ann Coutier was threatened because she talked negatively towards Muslims - which in itself isn't right, but still - when people talk about how the the Holocaust didn't happen, I don't see anyone threatening the life of the speaker)


Guess this topped it off for me (been a long day) but I was thinking about this as early as 6am this morning as I was driving to work.  On the radio they were interviewing an IMAM (Muslim priest) who will be at the Mosque they are building at the 9/11 site.  He was talking about how great it was, and how we all need to be more understanding of the Muslim culture, that how racist we are in North America - and how Sharia Law should be made law here.  You could almost see the FUCKING SMIRK on his face.  At this point I had to play some Def Leopard to calm me down, I was yelling at the radio (wouldn't that make a site to see...LOL)

Muslims I talk to always say how peaceful Islam is, how it is about understanding each other.  What a load of shit I say - look at all the fuss about "Draw Mohammad Day" - Pakistan is banning sites that talk about it - opps, perhaps I just screwed EBW out of their Pakistan viewship  -  but who gives a rat's ass about Pakistan anyway, what do they give us except for telemarketters, taxi drivers and side convience store owners.

Muslims seem to be of the majority of people who come over to North America and bitch and moan about how bad we are to them.  THEN WHY THE FUCK COME OVER HERE?  By all means, stay in the middle east - or whatever country they come from.  Wonder what will happen to them if they open their big mouths about how to run the country over there - oh ya, they will get their throats cut.

You want to be Muslim - that is fine, you want to practice your religion, that is fine as well.  But you must adapt somewhat to our way of life, not expecting us to bend over backwards to meet your way of life.

(don't even want to get into the discussion of the terrorist cells that we have here in North America)


Oh well, done with my little rant.  Have a good one people, I am gonna open up a beer and watch a movie.

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