Israel bitching about "terrorist attacks"

For some stupid reason, people continue to support Israel in its "war on terror" against Palestinians. Maybe this war wouldn't be happening if Israel gave up the illegaly occupied Palestinian land.

Under international law, Israel has been illegaly occupying Palestinian land since the 60-70's. Israel keeps on building new illegal settlements on Palestinians even today. All the fucking nations in the world including the U.S government recognizes that Israel is the one provoking the attacks. I am not making this shit up, Do a little research and you will find out Israel is occupying illegal lands and they keep stretching into Palestinian lands.

If the Palestinians got their lands back, or Israel simply stopped building illegal settlements, Maybe Palestinians and Hamas would stop their attacks. Israel may call the Palestinians actions an "act of terrorism", I believe it is an act of freedom.

I do not condone what Israel is doing by killing civilians when they supposedly target "terrorists", But I in no way support Hamas or Palestinian aggression although I understand why they are pissed. If Israel continues their path, I wouldn't be surprised to see more dead on both sides. Israel basicaly set up a blockade on aid to Palestinian so they can suffocate them to death. Water supply is cut to civilians, International aid barely gets through.

Ever wonder why aid ships are coming from a variety of different countries? The groups who send aid have no Muslim influence, although Israel claims they are backed by Hamas and no other countries seems to buy into their bullshit.

I am not here to spew out my "hatred" for Israel, I am just pissed at how many ignorant people there are in this world. Know the facts before arguing, Going in blind the worst thing.

I wouldn't be surprised to see lots of people putting negative comments on this blog because ignorance. Fuck all terrorist organizations.

Uploaded 09/17/2010
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