It has been a long week and I am pissed................

Rant time and it goes like this. I am pissed at the whole thing where people are getting arrested for using Obama's name "Hussein" but what pisses me off even more is why more people aren't pissed off. I am pissed at Acorn but not about Obama but if you are going to take tax payer's money then you should not be supporting ANY presidential candidate. I watched on fox (yes I know pro-republican) does not make it any less true. They had tape of two different Acorn rally's where the speakers made the comment that we are going to get the republicans out of the White house and get Obama in. You are allowed to feel that way but you are NOT allowed to use my money to do it. I am told not to worry because there is ging to be an investigation of this procedure right after the election and if Obama wins then we will have a democratic president and a democratic congress taking care of the investigation. I think we are going to see another magic bullet just like the Kennedy one.

Look all this has nothing to do about politics, it has to do with the BLATANT thumbing of one's nose at the law. This whole election process this time has gotten so fierce and competitive that our liberties and our basic sense of fair play has been pushed aside. I think we live in the greatest country in the world but we lose our minds when we get frightened. We were afraid of terrorism and we got the PATRIOT ACT. We are afraid of another 8 years that we are blind to how we are going to get there. Daily you hear it but do not care because your guy is winning or you just have lost the energy to fight, but we have to find a way to slow this down people or one day soon we will be asking HOW do we stop this monster that we have created?


Thank you for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/19/2008
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