It was touch and go.....

I was so bored this morning and I was up at 6 am, it happens a lot the older you get. They call it an internal clock but I call it  God I hurt to much to lay in bed, but I was going to get the old weed eater out and was preparing to cut the back forty and when I say forty I mean 40" not acres or even feet but a large 40" area. BTW anybody have a riding lawn mower for sale, OK I digress so I pull open the shed door and reached for the weed eater and of course everything fell fishing poles, tools, and a rake. What in the hell am I doing with a rake for crying out loud. Well its my old lady's, she cant throw anything away but she is gone and now, so is the rake. So after I cleaned this up I am now too tired to do the job but hell I am in it to deep to quit so I reach for the prize, that fabulous weed eater and that is when they came out a swarm of wasps or hornets and no I dont know what they were all I know is they stopped chasing me after watching me dance for a few minutes. Now before one of you smart people say leave them alone and they will leave you alone I want to say go screw yourself because apparently they dont know about the rules because I was going to leave them alone but they were having nothing to do with the old "hey leave Bo alone he is leaving us alone". They were more like the "hey lets swarm all around Bo and make him dance for us" because no matter how you look at it Bo is funny when he tries to dance.

Something I have learned over the years is know when you are whipped so I ran or stumble danced back into the house. I went to Walmart and bought myself a KILL all the bugs you can Bomb and as I was driving back home getting ready and smiling about the many lives I was about to take. I know why I am glad I dont own a home anymore because if I owned my home I would have torched the whole damn shed but I live in a condo and people frown on that kind of thing. Frigging Liberals. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank (mass murderer)


Uploaded 08/16/2009
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