it's a cage

Those who know me are sick of hearing this I'm sure, I know how much I bitch about this, but honestly how does everyone take it? I can see it I can smell it I can feel it, it's a cage and its around me always. this civilization thing, how do you find fulfillment in it? I think this just isnb't the century for me. I'm not meant for this. I'm a hunter not a scholar, not a dog groomer. You all medicate yourselves I can see it. with your drugs, orgasms, endorphins, and shiny objects. It doesn't do the job for me, I just feel tired for alittle while, but it comes back. I'm pacing a track in my floor I'm so frustrated. everywhere I go people don't see it. They think it's wonderful. they feel safe. I don't care if I die in a pool of my own vomit, I can't handle this sterile world. How do you do it, I really want to know, how do you tolerate this cage? No one sees it. I just want to strangle them. Someone owns your food, they watch you always, your world is sectoned off and covered, it smells like human waste, your repulsive fucking offspring are growing faster and faster. How is it done? Why are you so happy? tell me. I must seem weak to you if I can't handle it. maybe crazy. but how? how do you handle it and be happy?

Uploaded 11/30/2008
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