It's a Long and Winding Road to Truth...

What is truth.....?

What is honesty.?

In which world do I really dwell...

I find myself in somewhat a dilemma....


I have always walked the path of understanding, I never judge people for their actions. Not even when their actions have reactions upon my own life.

Recently a friend of mine was exposed as a person they were, in real life not..

I pondered this dilemma for a while and it was my decision to forgive them...

This decision however did not seem to go down to well with a few people. One person in particular whom, I'm sure if they are reading this will realise that it is themself that this blog is aimed at...

I have a good friend on here who I thought understood me. I realise now that they never understood me at all. I'm a simple man, I work hard and I have complete faith in the goodness of everybody I meet, be it here in the virtual world or in real life. I will never apologise for being this way, not even if it means my goodfriend never speaks to me again.

There are certain lines I believe should never be crossed when it comes to trust....and I feel slightly hurt that my friend has no trust in my judgement.

I hope with all my heart that this is a minor setback to my friendship with you..but I will never apologise for forgiving someone.... always a tricky subject,

deceit however, remains predominant.

I trust that in some way you have touched me,

yet you still remain forever untouchable.

[Gld 2009 ]



Uploaded 06/13/2009
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