Its all about Perspective!Proper version

This is a long one but take the time for the read...

Morning friends, randoms, and the like!! I see you have been blessed with another day of life and sifting through the magical place that is the internet. Think about it for a second, for the first time in history, man has the capability to access endless amounts of information. Man can educate themselves on up to the minute events, half way around the world. You can take online courses and continuously expand your mind. All of these things now even accessible from the palm of your motherfucking hand!!! Phones that can control home alarm systems to entire households and appliances. And your wasting it looking at some assholes status, now cats, now back to Facebook and getting mad that with your 24-7 phone usage this stupid technology has to charge every day or two....stick with me here 

(PERSPECTIVE- Subjective evaluation of relative significance; a point of view)

Life is ALL about perspective. Now let me use the paragraph above as an example, take when the mood shifted at "And your wasting your time" those are two different peoples perspective on how to look at the phone. Neither is wrong, yes we do have all that access(bob), and yes you will have to plug them in daily if you use them alot(doug). But using your judgment which of the two people seems to be in a better mood. Probably bob, the one who views their phone as a technological marvel, not the guy who is pissed his shit cell only has half battery left. Both people could have woke up, took a shit, showered, shaved, ate cereal, kissed their wife, drove their kid to school, both at the same job, in the same building, right beside each other, but 12 rolls around and both phone batteries hit Low warning guess whose day starts to become worse?

Now I am not saying that because you hate your phones batteries life your a bad person or that your in for a shitty day. What im really trying to do is educate you on a matter of awareness and perspective and how that slight mental change can make a huge emotional impact on yourself and the many others you share this world with. Take these two same examples the day continues both men have their staplers break, their printer jams, and their boss gives them extra work in a rush. Now you notice Bob still has his pep in his step yet Doug has become visibly grumpy and irritable. Bob chooses to take things in stride, understands that these office problems are just challenges instead of misfortunes yet Doug just get more irate the more things go wrong. The day has came to and end both come home to their families, one seemingly more relaxed then the other but both equally tired from a days work. Bob comes homes and describes his day to his wife he worked hard it was tiring but he is back with who he loves and that makes him happy, Doug however voices how his day was awful how everything was going wrong and that the world is out to get him. Two average guys, working the same average job, having the same menial problems but with one slight difference a simple change in perspective.

Now I am not going to say that with one easy step life as you know it will be gold, that you wont get angry that day you stubbed your toe on the couch cause we are not perfect, we are people, and what have we been told over and over again throughout our lives? PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. How many times have you been driving to work and someone has done something so stupid that your so mad you have to tell people about it then bitch and complain on facebook? Has this ever worked to calm you down or does it just carry on with every time you bring it up? Things will happen around you daily that you cannot control however we can control our PERSPECTIVE on the world around us, instead of rushing up and giving that douchnuckle the middle finger for cutting you off you can assume in your head that maybe he is in a hurry to the school because his daughter has been in a accident. Not that this idea is necessarily true but instead of heightening your mood because of an event out of your control you have diffused yourself and can continue to enjoy your day. Life is a random and uncontrollable occurrence but your mood does not have to be it can be controlled with a simple choice, and awareness or perspective and the knowledge that sometimes its not all about you.....

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