It's all so very amusing . . .

If you've been paying really close attention and happened to be in the right place at the right time, you may have found yourself privy to the information that . . . apparently . . . . . ebaums world has fired Eric Bauman and his staff.  In an ultimate act of "fuck you" and giving this company "ZVue" the middle finger, Eric went off and founded this new site

The above statement is of course dripping with sarcasm because you can't come to this site anymore without people running you over as they stampede the other way headed towards to flood the forums with pornography and internet battles, screaming "Turn around!  Go to!  They have shelter and clean water there, this place is forsaken!" at you as they jostle past clutching a plastic bag full of canned goods and carrying a case of bottled water under their arm.

I've been to  While I realize that they aren't going to flesh out an entire site like the original ebaums world in a matter of weeks, I can't help but watch with a sort of detatched amusement as the former self-appointed powers that be (they called themselves "the regulars," and God forbid you cross one for their vengeance shall be swift, which isn't to say I didn't get along with them but I always thought it funny how they all sat around patting each other on the back every time they wrote down an opinion) are already going to work re-establishing themselves as the cool kids in class, except this time instead of a blog section it's the cluster fuck which is an open forum.  The better you are at bashing ZVue for being a bunch of corporate scum sucking bastards that had no right to fire Eric and his staff and the more mindless masses you detract from ebaums world, the more of a freedom fighter you come across as and thusly boost your rep as one of the cool kids.

Which is all fine and good.  Like I said, I made a point to get along with everyone, and if that's what they want to do then more power to them.

Me, personally, I couldn't care less who the hell runs this website.  It's kind of a bummer to see so many people leave the blog section in a massive abandon ship, because despite how laughable the cliques around here were I still enjoyed visiting on occaision.

So ultimately the decision is . . . stay with ebaumsworld even though the numbers have thinned considerably, or move to and endure the jackyls lead by a handful of people who are mostly just pissed because now they have to reestablish their dominance amidst all the turmoil.

Me, personally, I'll probably continue on like I always have . . . observing both sites for the most part and saying something when I think it's worth saying, even though no one really listens to me anyways.  You may even be thinking to yourself "Who the fuck is this guy, and why does he think I give a shit what he has to say?" as you're reading this.  I can say in all honesty that doesn't bother me.  I realize I may come across as bitter.  This is not my intent.  I am not bitter in the least, nor to I have any problem with anyone who ever was or still is on this site, or on for that matter.

I only wonder how long it will be before social order is restored on and the heirarchy re-established.

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