it's circling the drain I think

Though I know by now chemical fluctuation will make this pass, I think I had the right idea when I said I wouldn't believe in anything. The idea that opions carry no merit at all is pretty accurate. Every last issue has good things for some bad things for others, opinions are just indentify what kind of selfish bullshit you want to benefit from or what self rightous delusions you are under. I have searched long for a solution to the failures of this culture and this world and have come up empty. I think the game is really up. Both humansity and this world and all of existence when I think about it is well and truly fucked. If I can accept that and move along to gainaing some emotional distance from the fact, it's rather amusing. That's all you can hope for you know. I care so much about self improvement and the persuit of knowledge sometimes but as palahnuik said that shit is just masturbation. It only makes me feel good, I've never improved and no one else has they've only built bigger delusions. Amusement is the only thing anyone can really squeeze out of this life.

Uploaded 04/18/2010
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