It's Football Day again!!!

   Last night, the wife and I were at a friends birthday party. This friend is a really nice, sweet woman, and I think she may have overlooked the fact that she scheduled this party on the same night, at the same time as the LSU-Bama game. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed the incredible food she obviously spent a lot of money on, but there were about 100 people there, and we were all watching the game, either in the living room (where strangers came together) or in the Family Room, where a bunch of us who knew each other watched.
   I don't know how she felt about her party, but we all had a great time. That was a freaking nail-biter of a game, and I don't know the name of that kicker, but you can bet yo0ur ass he got some GOOD pussy last night.
   But enough about the past-
   Today, My Beloved Saints are taking on Tampa Bay, and after the last couple weeks (62-7 over the Colts, followed by a nightmarish loss to the Rams) I have no idea how this one's gonna go.
   All I can say is I believe the Saints went into the game against the Colts feeling confident, and they were right to feel so confident.
   But with Paytons' injury not just sidelining him, but putting him up in the Booth, I think there is either a lack of communication with Brees, or a lack of confidence on the franchise in general. Brees is a God among men, but not in the Monotheistic tradition. Think more Greek... I believe Brees has the power to out-think and out-play any QB in the league, but he needs his Payton to guide him.
   I don't know.
   Anyway, it should be a great game. We're off to another friends' house for a big party. I understand there will be New Orleans-Style St. Louis Ribs, among other things there. I will eat for all of you.
   Have a great day, Football Fans!
Uploaded 11/06/2011
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