It's Halloween! It is a Blogsters Duty to Write.

Really, I'm so fuckin' tired from my day to day work I can find little inspiration, but it's Halloween and I suppose it is a duty to write something, after all the trick or treaters have left the building. So here I go. If it sucks, well at least I tried. _______________________________________________________________________________________
Mary Montage had always commanded her ground. With flaxen hair and blackish eyes her presence had always made most men nervous and young girls sweat between their thighs. She could assemble an army from within any rag tag  collection of souls. People would cower to her words, not from understanding, but from fear of public ridicule. Mary had a sharp tongue, and any defiance was met with a wit that pierced a young heart.

On this particular Hallow's eve, Mary Montage assembled  a collection of the most desperate souls available and promised a night they would never forget. She brought them back to her home town, a tiny village just north of Testicomy Bay. 

After the winter winds blew through this desolate town, the spring rains washed away blood stained paths. Her army of candy demanding souls still stand guard, reminding those adults who have lost their playfulness, that children dance upon their graves!

Uploaded 10/31/2011
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