It's Human Nature

I notice that we seem to take for granted how well every species functions accept for ours. That wolves can hunt, bees can organize, ants can stage an assault, dolphins know how to single out fish to eat, chimpanzees know how to exist in troops all seems to be something we don't think about. We'd be shocked if ever a dolphin started turning on other dolphins and killing them for fun, or if I a bunch of chimpanzees started getting addicted to alcohol. (btw both are sort of possible). Somehow we aren't shocked with human behavior. We take for granted that humans don't function well. We can't even live without tearing down our own eco system. We somehow unconsciously decided this is how humans should be. We decided we can't be shocked over human behavior. We might be indignant that our politicians are corrupt or that our crime and suicide rates rise every year but we aren't surprised at all. We don't expect anything better from ourselves. We've always blown off this problem, chalked it up to the fact that humans are just broken and then moved on with our lives. We've never really tried to find out why we function so badly, we never thought it could be found out why. We'd rather feel helpless. We can distract ourselves with the silly notion that we need to be 'saved' or 'enlightened' but when these things don't work we aren't surprised, how could they work? Humans are just broken. We are like a middle aged failure who swears the system has just plain fucked him over. We never look for a solution, we never wonder how to better ourselves. Just passively accept that we're a flawed species. What a complete load that is. Make a culture that works you lazy assholes, because I'm getting tired of your excuses.

Uploaded 06/06/2010
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