It's kinda like a blog

 12 Fat Tires and a bunch of apple pie shots down, nothing left to drink ! I just wanted to take a minute to say hey to the Baumers in the blogasphere. I've checked out this site for  many years and finally for whatever reason started a profile. I've thrown my 2 cents in on a couple of blogs the last few days and thought it just that I give a little info on myself. I used to write a shit ton in the teen years and then blah blah blah...... I've dug reading all your stories , be it nonsensical or heartfelt. I don't really have an opinion on the difference between the two. A good read is a good read even if it lacks the fundamentals of what a blog is supposed to be. Kenny Powers said it best, and I quote " Fundamentals are the crutch for the talentless, this one coach tried to put me  on a weight training program and I was all like "You and your weights can fuck off somewhere! I'm not lifting that shit, it's heavy!" What I take  from this, other than the fact that Kenny Powers is one of the most boss mofos in the history of the Earth, is that everyone should walk their own path and not give a second thought about what other people think........But that wouldn't be any fun would it? Anyway, I like most of your stories and when my E penis starts feeling it again, I hope to start spitting hot fire on the keyboard. Until then , I'll be heading up the peanut gallery.........Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.
Uploaded 11/24/2011
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