It's like a bad Twilight episode..................

I wrote a couple of blogs about freedom of speech and how we are getting screwed by people who are looking out for us. Tonight is another blog about Acorn. I just found this out and I will admit that I thought that the crap going on with Acorn was more about individuals and less an organized effort to corrupt this election.

Today I found out that there were several homes in Franklin County Ohio which were used to house people so they could register and then vote. Ohio is one of the places where you can vote early and now their votes are in they have VANISHED. Now you can do this and certainly not break any laws as a matter of fact you skate right under these election laws. I can remember back a year ago when it was said by everyone that Ohio was going to be a swing state and now this kind of crap is going on. This is an organized group of people hell bent on getting the Republicans out of office and yes I am sure it sounds good if you are anti-republican but what price are you paying? The republican Senator from TX. is going to ask for the 30 million dollars Acorn received from us the tax payers but so what, to little to late. There is an organization in California that tried to corrupt the voting registration and the guy that was caught is now facing 3 to 5 years in prison. I hear he has Republican ties and I say put him in there for 30 years.


Look people as I have mentioned before I am 50 years old and I have NEVER seen anything like this. NEVER!!!!!! I dont give a damn who you are voting for this should concern you as much as it concerns me.  I know all of you are getting tired of this election and make no mistake the people who are behind this are hoping that you are. Just shut up and get it over with. Last thought....... Acorn a Non-partisan organization who has taken 30 million dollars in tax payers money has endorsed Obama for president. The key words here are non-partisan and tax payers money, what the hell is going on? Scream, yell, write, or petition but please dont just accept this. Talk to each other so we all know what is going on. Information is their biggest fear.


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Uploaded 10/20/2008
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